Friday, June 13, 2014

The sweetest love I've ever known

Jonah's been driving me up the walls the past few weeks. Heck, he's been driving me up the walls a lot longer than the past few weeks, but more so now, than ever before. As he nears the home stretch of his second year of life, I find myself wondering how much longer these "terrible twos" will truly last. Will they linger into his third + fourth year? Will his two-nager personality and stubborn toddler tude' change over night? I'm not quite sure & at this point, only time will tell. 

But aside from the crazy days I've endured + the even crazier days I'm sure will be thrown my way, I feel so lucky, that underneath his rebellious personality that continues to drive me nuts, to the constant skinned knees + rough house playing, my boy is a lover. A sweet, sweet soul with a heart of gold. 

Although I'm sure he's loved me since the day he was born, his new + favorite thing to do is tackle me with bear hugs that make me fall to my knees, + whisper in my ear, "I love my mama." 

This truly is the sweetest love I've ever known. 

Being a mother has it's definite ups and downs. Maybe even more downs than ups at times, and I know firsthand how frustrating those "hard times" could be. I lose my cool, I scream + cry, I lock myself in the bathroom for that one single minute of silence. I AM HUMAN. Don't ever feel like you are anything less than a good mother for freaking out now & then. What is a good mother? There is no definition. Because at the end of each day, no matter how good or bad of a day we label it, our children love us for the crying one minute laughing the next, crazy mamas we are. We are blessed to know this love. We are blessed to have this life. We are blessed. 

Always remember that, and always remember, you're pretty damn rad for all that you do. 

Wishing you all a joyous weekend with your little babes + beautiful families. Thank you for visiting the RadAndRebellious // xo

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