Wednesday, March 18, 2015

AHMU FAMILY PHOTOS || March 17 2015

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of shooting the beautiful Ahmu family on the Santa Monica Pier. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was breathtaking, really. Going into it I was a little nervous, being that this was my very first paid photoshoot, the pressure was on. Thankfully, I lucked out with one awesome family, so supportive and fun to shoot with. From their stunning blue eyed baby boy, to the genuine love the couple shared for each other - everything turned out perfectly! I wrapped up the shoot with hundreds of amazing photos - here are some of my faves xx

Friday, March 6, 2015

PHOTO FAVES | 2014-2015

It's been way too long since I've blogged, and I've missed it far more than I ever thought I would. Getting back into the swing of things is gonna take a bit of time, but the important thing is that I'm trying, right? I'm excited beyond words to get back on track and share my favorite things with all of you. From adventures to food and fashion related posts, to my personal photography favorites. I hope you enjoy these photos I've taken over the past several months. xx

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shots n stuff

I don't know about you, but I am the sissiest of sissies when it comes to getting shots, so after the scene Jonah made at his doctors appointment earlier today, doing anything he could to avoid getting his flu shot, I totally understood and nervously laughed it off. Since birth he has always been great with shots, they were never an issue to him, but more of a way of getting free lollipops and stickers (smart kid), so you can imagine how taken back I was by having to hold him down against his will. It was tough, really tough. 

There was blood, there were tears and there may have been a slight panic attack, too. After all was said and done all I really wanted to do was book it home and cuddle the heck outta him, but getting ice cream sounded a lot funner. Jonah agreed. 

After a messy ice cream feast. (Yes, feast. I won't bore you with how many scoops were devoured. Or maybe I will. 5. 5 freaking scoops between the two of us, OK? moving on now...) We picked up my niece and headed to our favorite local park to run off some energy. Being that my beloved camera is basically my fifth limb, I had to snap a couple photos. I just couldn't not. Does that even make sense? You get me right? You get me. I'm delirious, so here are some adorable pictures from today to apologize for the nonsense I just blabbed. Enjoy.

He went up and down that terrifying stair case too many times to count. 
That smirk melts me. I'm literally melting. I'm just a breathing, talking, living puddle. 
Sometimes I can't believe he's mine, forever. Somebody pinch me. 
My niece makes for one perfect little assistant. She charges 1 scoop of cotton candy ice cream/hr. I'd say I lucked out. 
Boy, do they fight like cats and dogs, but when I capture sweet moments like these their love for each other screams through the photos. 
He doesn't get his poses from me, I swear. 

I hope you all have a wonderful night, and as always, thank you for visiting xx

Monday, November 3, 2014


Yes, I'm alive and yes, I have missed blogging for all of you so, so much. With things being nonstop over at Rad and Rebellious Apparel it's been pretty difficult to stay on top of blogging regularly. Fingers crossed I can slowly start getting back on track. Step one to doing so would be buying a super cute planner, right? Idk, maybe that's just an excuse to go to Tar-jay and spend an absurd amount of money on unnecessary thangs, but I'm goin with it. 

Being that Jonah just recently turned three, (YES 3!!!) this past month, I figured it would be fun to share a handful of his favorite things. From clothing to his go-to yummy snack, below are some of the things we've been using on a close to daily basis. I hope you enjoy this quick post, and if you would like to see more posts like this one, let me know in the comments section below. Have a wonderful day, babes & of course, thanks for stopping by, xx. 

1. Hello Apparel "I'm not tired" t-shirt: can we just swoon for a second? This tee is so incredibly comfy & simple in design. If I could throw this on J every single day, I would. Or maybe I have, idk. 
2. Vans skater hi-tops: The perfect toddler hi-top. With a slip on/zipper back feature this shoe has been the most reached for lately. 
3. Paranorman (the movie): Now, I will say this movie may not be the best fit for children, so *ahem* why is it on the children's Netflix listing? Not sure, however, this movie will keep jonah glued to one spot for an entire (almost) two hours. That says a lot. 
4. Disposable sippy cups: Thankfully we ditched bottles almost a year ago & have since been using these super cute rainbow colored sippys. For under $5 a pop I can't imagine switching it up anytime soon. They're labeled "disposable" but anyone that willingly throws these bad boys away after one single use may be a tad bit off. Just sayin'. They're THAT good. 
5. Dinosaurs: Any and everything Dino that Jonah can get his hands on, he will. 
6. Baby carrots: A clean and healthy snack that Jonah can never get enough of. I'm not complaining ;-) 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

LONG TIME NO BLOG // Update + discount code

Whoa. It almost feels unnatural to be back on here. Like forever has passed since I've paid any attention to this place I used to consider my safe haven. I feel the urge to apologize, as I know so many of you followed my blog regularly, but feel quite silly actually doing so. 

If you follow my personal Instagram account (@radandrebellious) then you're well aware of the fact that I finally took the leap and created an apparel line. What started as a silly dream I never thought stood a chance, has truly exceeded my expectations as well as many others. In a short two months I've gained a following of nearly 4,000 incredible supporters. 4,000 people from across the globe that are helping my dreams come true more and more with each passing day. 4,000 people that believe in me and all that I can accomplish. As I've thanked them all numerous times, I still feel as if I owe them SO much for helping Rad and Rebellious Apparel get to the place it's at today. 

I posted a photo earlier today of Jonah and myself, laying cuddled in our bed. I mentioned how those moments are so very rare these days, and that I hope one day he grows to know that everything I do is for him. For us. 

I jumped into this whole owning a business thing with no knowledge whatsoever of how tough it would be to keep it afloat. To do it ALL on my own. From emails, to designs, marketing, to listing the items, purchasing tags, packaging, labeling, shipping. ALL of it is being done with my two hands. I don't have a business degree or any experience in graphic design.. Heck, I don't even own a computer at the moment. I'm building an empire using only my tired frazzled mom brain & iPhone 5s. Most days my head feels as if it'll explode into a million pieces, and to be quite honest, I'm a little afraid that the chances of putting it back together will be unlikely if it does. Today I took a shower that lasted longer than 2 minutes and it almost felt like a luxury. I've completely forgotten what it feels like to get dolled up and feel pretty. With my mind racing a million miles a minute all day, everyday, it's hard to dedicate any time to myself and to Jonah. 

I see Rad and Rebellious succeeding and can't help but be overwhelmed with joy, but as I too, see my everyday life being compromised so drastically in the process I can't help but feel guilt. I'm at a point in my business where I can confidently say it's going places, meaning I can no longer put off learning how to juggle my time. 

With everything going on, can you see how blogging got put on the back burner? I contemplated doing it all, but quickly realized it would lead me to insanity if I did. My mind is tired. My body is tired. I'm just, tired. But even if given the chance to, I wouldn't change a thing. Feelint tired is natural, and I would much rather be dead tired from doing way TOO much than to be tired from doing nothing at all. 

At the end of the day I can say that despite the struggles I've faced and the ones I've yet to face, I do what I love and I love what I do. Below is only a small handful of reasons why. 

If you read through this extra lengthy ramble + update, thank you. You're all SO appreciated & trust me when I say, no kind comment, order, follow, repost or well wish goes unnoticed. xx

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