Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shots n stuff

I don't know about you, but I am the sissiest of sissies when it comes to getting shots, so after the scene Jonah made at his doctors appointment earlier today, doing anything he could to avoid getting his flu shot, I totally understood and nervously laughed it off. Since birth he has always been great with shots, they were never an issue to him, but more of a way of getting free lollipops and stickers (smart kid), so you can imagine how taken back I was by having to hold him down against his will. It was tough, really tough. 

There was blood, there were tears and there may have been a slight panic attack, too. After all was said and done all I really wanted to do was book it home and cuddle the heck outta him, but getting ice cream sounded a lot funner. Jonah agreed. 

After a messy ice cream feast. (Yes, feast. I won't bore you with how many scoops were devoured. Or maybe I will. 5. 5 freaking scoops between the two of us, OK? moving on now...) We picked up my niece and headed to our favorite local park to run off some energy. Being that my beloved camera is basically my fifth limb, I had to snap a couple photos. I just couldn't not. Does that even make sense? You get me right? You get me. I'm delirious, so here are some adorable pictures from today to apologize for the nonsense I just blabbed. Enjoy.

He went up and down that terrifying stair case too many times to count. 
That smirk melts me. I'm literally melting. I'm just a breathing, talking, living puddle. 
Sometimes I can't believe he's mine, forever. Somebody pinch me. 
My niece makes for one perfect little assistant. She charges 1 scoop of cotton candy ice cream/hr. I'd say I lucked out. 
Boy, do they fight like cats and dogs, but when I capture sweet moments like these their love for each other screams through the photos. 
He doesn't get his poses from me, I swear. 

I hope you all have a wonderful night, and as always, thank you for visiting xx

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