Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Love hard + appreciate harder

I'm guilty of it. So guilty of it. 

...of taking for granted the beauty god had surrounded me with. Of taking for granted the people god has put in my path. Of taking for granted.. Everything. 

Waking up to a gut wrenching + tragic story like that of Ryan Cruz Saldana's, can really tear somebody down and show them how short life truly is. 

Naturally as humans, we tend to forget, not only to be thankful- but to show thanks for the lives we've been given. The good, the bad & the ugly, somebody in this world of ours has it way worse. 

Meet Ryan Cruz.
A vibrant + beautiful 3.5 year old little boy. Son to Jacqui & Dan. 

Ryan passed away this past Friday night, due to a tragic accident. Just like that, gone. I can't even begin to fathom the pain Ryan's family/friends are currently going through. I can't fathom any of this, at all. You all may be wondering if I know this family personally- and the answer is, no. But hearing this story hit home & shattered my heart into 1 million & 1 pieces. (Maybe even more)

The support + love being sent to the Saldana family from the Instagram community is incredible beyond words. I'm in absolute awe. It's such a beautiful thing. Thousands and thousands of strangers from all around the world are coming together for one reason + one reason only... Ryan. 

The past few days (more like weeks) have been tough on me. Being a mother has never seemed any harder or more frustrating than it does now & since I've only ever been honest with you all, I will continue that honesty. I haven't been the mother I know I could be. I have let myself down in more ways than one & disappointed many around me. I love my son but at times I can't believe things have become this hard. I was starting to wallow in pitty for myself, feeling like I "had it too hard" & now as I scroll through my Instagram feed & see pictures of that beautiful curly, red headed angel, I can't help but cry. 

I have it easy. I can hear my son's cries, his screams, his tantrums. I could see him grow & learn. Laugh & giggle. I could hold him tight. I could kiss his sweet cheeks & cuddle him. I could do all of it, because...

I have my son & my son has LIFE. 

Life is too short, too damn short. Love hard, and appreciate harder. Because as far as we know, today is our LAST day to do it. 

I ask that you all say a prayer for Ryan & his grieving family tonight & for many nights to come- pray that something, anything, will ease their pain.. even just a little. 

A gofundme account has been created for the Saldana family. To help them in their desperate time of need. Feel free to donate (if your finances allow it). If not, reposting a single picture of that angel babe above will do just fine. 

Gofundme account direct link:


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