Thursday, May 8, 2014

6 wardrobe essentials for the fashion forward babe - A Guest Post by @MakenzieMitchell

"I'm Kenzie, a young wife and mom with a love for style and creativity. I blog at 'The Wander Years' about motherhood, personal style and more and have a new little etsy shop of headbands for the littles. 

I'm so glad to be sharing with you all today about Maxine's wardrobe. Vanessa asked me to share the essentials but as I got to planning this post I noticed that with a few pieces I could keep Maxine clothed in cute outfits all week long. And even though I am sharing the basics right now, I still love dressing her in fun things like polka dot overalls and making more striped outfits for her than I know what to do with. 

1. Tees. I hate onesies. Maxine is a long and skinny little thing so all pants are big around the waist even with her cloth diapers. In a onesie tucked into pants she just looks kind of funny, always cute but funny nonetheless, so I really like to stick with T-Shirts. The ones I am sharing today are American Apparel's baseball tee, and one from the Gap. We wear these out! 

2. Rompers.   Easy, easy, easy. So thankful for rompers, they are beyond cute she wears hers for ever. I think even at 8 months she can still fit in a few of her three month old ones. 

3. Jersey Knit dresses.  The dress I am showing here is one from Old Navy that we have had before in a long sleeve version. The long sleeve one she still wears as a top and its for newborns. Simple dresses have to be one of the best investments for baby girls, you can wear them for months and months. I have a tutorial over at my blog for a super easy dress that you can find here

4. Jeans.   Even on the hottest days we start off in jeans most days. I thought I would be way more into baby leggings than jeans, but there is something about Maxine in jeans that is just far too cute. She wears jeans atleast three- four times a week. 

5. Headbands.  Maxine doesn't have much hair, so it's common that she would be mistaken for a boy, and she wears more blue than pink so headbands are necessary for most outfits, and they make the best toys, she can play with her headbands forever! All of these you can find over at my shop here.

6. Cardigan.   Our cardigan wasn't around when we were taking photos but we have one. It's bright yelllow and perfect with almost everything. It's a definate must- have though. 

I would love to hear what your essentials are! Comment them below :)"

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