Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mickey, mommies & more- the Instagram meet-up

The weather yesterday was beautiful. With the crazy stormy weather we've been struck with this past week, I was worried about the possibility of having to cancel the mommy meet-up. Thankfully, the sky cleared up and the sun peeked through, just for us. 

The meet-up was planned for 12 noon & I may or may not have been late to my own party- whoops. Jonah was having an off morning and mama couldn't find her right ankle boot. It happens, right? Luckily, the lovely mommies that were on time and waiting at Disneyland with their babes were incredibly understanding of why I was late. They entertained themselves for a couple hours until Jonah and I + my good friend Memrie & her son arrived to meet them.... at 1:30pm. 

There we're a total of 5 beautiful mommies and 5 scrumptious babies (not counting myself and Jonah) that got the opportunity to meet and get to know each other on a more personal level. 

It was amazing.

You know how when you meet somebody you can automatically tell if you're going to get along with them well? If you're going to clash? Or even if you just feel an "off vibe"? 

I was extremely worried about how the other mothers would be, considering all the hate and judgement being at an all time high on Instagram lately. But after meeting the mommies, I realized that I was surrounded by one awesome group of gals. They were funny, carefree, easy going & most importantly, non judgemental. I was able to be myself with them right off the bat. It felt as if we had all been friends for years. 

As I tried to snap photos as often as I could throughout the day, the babies did have their usual off moments & it became difficult to have my phone on hand at all times. There was even a time (during lunch) where Jonah sprinted out of the restaurant a good FOUR times, which meant I had to wipe the marinara sauce off my mouth as quickly as I could, get up, and chase after him.... with heels on. The looks I got, priceless. Really Jonah? You just can't give mama a break, can you? It gave us all a good laugh the first 3 times, until he broke my pinky nail right off, blood trickling all over the restaurant table- I'll spare you the details. You're welcome. 

All in all, it couldn't have turned out better than it did. I'm so incredibly thankful to have met the mommies and babes that I did. I can see amazing friendships forming with them in the near future. We also all decided to make the Disneyland trip once a month- to let loose, catch up & have some Disney FUN. 

Mom-stagram meet-up #1: SUCCESS. 

Ill share the photos I snapped throughout the day now. Enjoy, and thanks for visiting- xo

Jonah's favorite part of going to Disneyland... the parking structure. He's an odd one. Cute, but odd. 

Still in shock that I survived the entire day in heels. But seriously.. how cute are they?

See those beautiful flowers back there? This picture was taken seconds before Jonah began ripping them out by the handful. Boys.... 

Typical tourist pic. Had to do it. 

His shirt reads, "trouble maker". Couldn't be any more fitting. 

Ayden insisted on photo bombing. 

...and again. 

Me- "Memrie! Hurry up, take a picture!" Memrie- "Why? That looks stupid." Me- "Just take it damnit, it's candid!"

Our very first (and only) mommy group photo we took. If only you could hear the photographer's insanely awkward noises he was making in attempt to get every babe to look his way! IT WORKED!

Givin' Pluto smooches, no biggie. 

Waiting in the Dumbo line. It was the only ride we got on... the entire day. But by golly, it was the funnest darn ride, EVER. 

Bored in line? Take a picture to prove it.

Mommies need a break too. 

The view during lunch was breathtaking- obvi. 

This, children, is what you call "mommy juice" 

"I'll have one strawberry blended marg- double shot please." BEST margarita I've ever had. 

One of our appetizers- lobster nachos. Delicious. Scrumptious. Tasty. Everything yummy. 

Kiki loved me & I absolutely adored her. My ovaries are aching.. Are yours?

Tram rides are fun... not. Hence this awkward four way selfie to pass time. 

I wasn't leaving Disneyland without this cone cup. No, nope, never. 

Not sure why I'm totally in love with this photo. Could it be the bruised shins? Or the super rad camo cons? 

My failed attempt at taking a cool magic castle photo. A for effort. 


  1. Fun! I'm going to the next one, dangit! LOL

  2. Count me in for the next meetup! :)