Saturday, March 1, 2014

Disciplining- The good, the bad & the ugly

Let's face it, disciplining your child(ren) could be a downright pain in the rear-end sometimes. Every mother has a different outlook/and or preference when it comes to the disciplining method that works best in their household. As every mother is different- every child is different as well. What might work perfectly for one tot, may not work at all for another. 
As a mother to one rad (and mighty rebellious) two year old, I find that I've been using the trial and error method for quite some time now & sadly have not been able to find the perfect discipline method that suits us. 

Reason being why I created this poll; for mothers around the world to share with me what has worked best in your household. Feel free to click the direct link below & select the answer that works best for YOU! 

Thanks for visiting & happy disciplining! Xo


  1. I am a big believer in communication. Communication is in my opinion the key to understanding our children. I read that the most parents spends less than 20min a day in conversation with their children. If you develop a good open line of communication with your child they will trust you. and they through that trust will help you understand how best to help them grow. Kyle Pruett has some really amazing resources for parenting. (non religious too)

    Id also say helping them value their character and how theyre failure can sometime help them develop strengths.

  2. My daughter is only 2 months old so I obviously don't have to discipline her, but I know she's going to be a little rebel.. I'd love to hear the results of the poll after it's finished. What is your opinion on spankings?

  3. I have a two year old ball of energy. Positive parenting along with alooot of patience really works for us. I go out of my way to praise him when ever I catch him doing good or even just doing what I expect of him. He doesn't misbehave for attention because he knows he gets it from being extra kind or helpful. If he's doing something he's not suppose to I explain why he can't do it and what he can do instead. But he's a growing toddler in a new sometimes frustrating world so he's gonna have sleepy days, grumpy days, rude moments, and lots of bad moods I just have be understanding of.

  4. My son is two years and old and falling into the ageless expression "terrible twos" I honestly feel discipline as well as an explanation is the best method. He learns is wrong & why! The why is most important. Communication is key; as for discipline, you must find what suits you're child.. Time outs sometimes don't work, spanking doesn't always either. Patience will save you.