Monday, March 3, 2014

Mad about Mondays- Comfy & cute

Not sure why I didn't think of creating this blog series sooner- but better late than never, right? 

Mondays are a bore. I find it difficult to crawl out of bed & get ready to take on the week more times than not. Am I alone? Reason being why I decided to start the "Mad about Mondays" series. 

I'll be posting a fashion inspiration board every Monday, along with outfit details, prices & info on where you can purchase each item. I'm excited for this- let's get started.  

Complete outfit: 

Talk about tom-boy chic. I would rock this outfit any day of the week! Would you? Let me know in the comments below! 

Outfit details: 

The perfect boyfriend jean. Sexy & comfy all in one. Grab yourself a pair here >

Loving this affordable yin yang crop top. Summer is around the corner- what are you waiting for? Order yours here >

Who doesn't love a nice flannel? I know I can't get enough of em'. This exact flannel pictured above will cost you a pretty penny- but if interested, you can purchase one from >

The classic black hi-top converse. The most versatile sneak' on the planet? I think so. Order yourself a pair from >

I'm a total sucker for studded bangles. So simple, yet SO chic. This exact bangle pictured above is made by Valentino- translation: nice, but overpriced. Find it here > or you can find yourself a nice replica for $10 or less if you look around- promise. 

These vintage cat eye sunglasses rock my world- how awesome are they? & totally affordable. Order yours today from >

That's all for today's Monday Madness goodies! Let me know what your favorite item is below. Thanks for visiting- xo


  1. The flannel, use to wear them all the time in hs but haven't in a long while, might have to go pick one up. =]

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