Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let's get this show on the road

SoI'm not going to sit here and pretend like I'm gonna be an awesome blogger, I'm not even going to pretend like I'm gonna stick with it & post updates religiously (although that's the goal.) Blogging has always been an interest of mine but let's be honest here, I have little to zero down time to make myself a half way decent lunch these days, let alone blog. But I will try, that I CAN promise. This post will be a drag- just sayin'. For those of you (most of you) who don't know me too well on a personal level you might actually enjoy this, as it's going to be a summarized run through of my life (pregnancy-present time). I'll stop blabbering now & get this show on the road! 

This is one of my favorite photos from my pregnancy, it might actually be the ONLY photo I truly like from my pregnancy. I was about 32 weeks & impatiently anticipating the arrival of my sweet Jonah. I remember this day like it was yesterday- crazy how that's even possible, isn't it? It was a gorgeous sunny day & Jonah's daddy & I decided to spontaneously take a trip to our favorite park to get out of the house. We took a few photos for fun, some of which ended up being on my baby shower invites- this being one of them. It was a wonderful time in my pregnancy. A time I truly wish I could snap my fingers and relive once more. 

Jonah Rylin Gil was a stubborn little man from the get go! 1 week over due & flipped sunny side up in mommy's enormous pregnant tummy. I was induced on October 19, 2011 & after 25 excruciating hours of labor, I gave birth to a wopping 10lb 6oz hunk of love on October 20, 2011 via c-section. My labor & delivery story is a novel in itself, so I'll spare you the grousome details for now & post a seperate blog post on it another time... thank me later. All in all, I was officially a mother, just like that. It all seemed so surreal & as silly as it sounds- it sometimes still does. Moving on..

This is me now. A newly turned 23 year old single mother, addicted to coffee, netflix & baby boy fashion. I may or may not also be infatuated with Miley Cyrus- oops. I work at Coach, meaning I get to sell pretty little hand bags all day & get paid for it. Is this real life? Somebody pinch me. I reside in LA, California. Although it's a lot funner to still say I live in Whittier where the girls are prettier, welp. I'd like to give you a long list of super rad hobbies I have and tell you all the fun things I do on my spare time but I'm gonna be reeeeeal real with y'all, I'm a homebody- yep, I said it. I would rather stay home and gulp down 5 cups of delicious caffeinated substances while finishing an entire season of vampire diaries, than to go out and "paint the town red" Am I the only one that's been hearing that saying a ton lately? I'm a big ball of fun though, let's not get cray now. Enough about me..

I'd like you all to meet my handsome babe, Jonah Rylin. A wild, hard-headed, loving little clutz of a toddler. He is far too similar to his mama, it's a tad bit scary. He just turned two this past October & if any of you mamas are wondering whether or not the "terrible twos" is a real thing or not, let me just clear it up for y'all- IT IS. Every kiddie has bad days though, no matter the age. Anywho, Jonah loves moccasins, maybe even a little more than me (and that's a LOT). He has a thing for woody & buzz, heck, he's just flat out obsessed with Toy Story. Don't ask me how many times I've watched the movie.. I might just cry. Aside from being a total cutie & keeping this mama on her toes day in & day out, little man just got picked up by two awesome clothing companies:  ChickyPop Shop + Dear Cub. Being style ambassadors for such awesome small businesses is a joy! My little model boy, I am so proud. 

OK- so this is totally random & off topic but... if you have a Disney pass we should probably be friends. Just throwing that out there. Holla atcha' girl 

So remember when I said I don't really have hobbies? Well, I lied. Baby/toddler boy fashion is my hobby. Spending absurd amounts of money on clothes is totally a hobby, right? Don't answer that. I spend my spare time putting together outfits in my head- sickening I know. But it's what I love & I would much rather spend every waking minute (and penny) on something that benefits my babe rather than something that benefits, well, nothing. Although it would be nice to take something on for myself... maybe. 

I'm a firm believer in karma, good and bad. So with that being said just SPREAD GOOD VIBES. Tee// @geofoxapparel 

I'm feeling as if I've blabbed my mouth so much I've scared you all off before the real fun starts- whoops. I can only hope that you've learned something about me & can see yourself connecting with me on a more personal level. There's so much more to myself and Jonah than a pretty face and awesome outfit or two (on Instagram). I promise my next blog posts won't be as dragged out & long as this one was, I just figured introducing ourselves should come first- phew, glad that's over with. SO- if you like quirky, outspoken, sometimes funny mamas & babes with rad style you're in the right spot! I hope you all enjoyed this lengthy introduction post, thanks for reading. Xo

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