Friday, February 28, 2014

Jeans n' things- meet @curlyqscounter

Im overjoyed to finally get to share with all of you what I've been working on for the past couple weeks- my very first giveaway here on Rad&Rebellious! The giveaway will go live on March 1st at 10am EST where I will be explaining the requirements, rules & of course, the amazing prize up for grabs. Before all of the fun starts I would love to introduce you to the lovely lady making this giveaway possible- INSTAGRAM: @curlyqscounter 

+ Below is a little background intro written by @curlyqscounter herself. 

"I've loved fashion since I was old enough to dress myself. I had always dreamed of doing something with it, but never knew how it was possible. I was very driven after graduating high school, and knew I also wanted to make a difference in others lives. I set out to be in the healthcare profession upon graduating with my four year degree. After school, I got married and started pursing my next degree in the clinical research field for my Masters of Science.

After having my son in January 2013, I realized I wanted to take a step back from the healthcare world and pursue my ultimate passion: my family. I wanted to still be able to spend ample amounts of time with my son and not leave him for work every morning, but still be able to contribute to my family's finances. I picked up my tools and set out to create items from my home office; Items I would want to dress my son in. I really wanted to design fun, unique apparel for little boys and girls. Being a total girlie girl myself, it was second nature to be inspired to develop fun items for little girls, however, I really wanted my designs to stand out and have different options for mom's who had little dudes.

My shop ships internationally, and my products are now being sold in boutiques across the world. My store was also recently chosen to work with Freshly Picked and provide items to pair with their new moccs for the spring 2014 season! It's been a huge honor and such a dream come true!

I have expanded my shop to feature items for all ages and genders, even up to adults. I love designing and creating one of kind items. No two items in my shop are exactly alike. I take exceptional pride in all of my products and guarantee their quality. If you have a vision for a party, special occasion, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me! I would love to make it come to life for you! :)"

Ang Disney
Owner & Designer // Curly Q's Counter
Instagram: @curlyqscounter

I'm thrilled to get the ball rolling on this amazing giveaway & I look forward to the many giveaways to come in the future, here on the Rad&Rebellious.

Stay tuned for giveaway details + requirements.

Thanks for visiting! Xo

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