Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Leggings VS. Jeans

Leggings- The hottest trend for babes around the world. I personally have grown to love leggings, of all prints, shapes & styles. You may be wondering, "shapes?" And I'll explain a little more into that in a bit. 

My love for leggings sprouted a few months back. Being the mother to a baby boy made it difficult to explain to people in my everyday life WHY I felt leggings were a must-have staple piece in Jonah's wardrobe. They just didn't understand & to be frank- I just didn't care. My outlook on baby boys/toddlers in leggings is quite simple. They're comfortable, they're trendy and they're extremely versatile. Need I say more? 

Close minded people tend to put stereotypes on clothing. Pink is for girls, blue is for boys. Leggings are for girls, jeans are for boys. It's sickening to me that some parents are raising their children in a stereotypical world. 

I will forever raise Jonah to be free, in every which way possible; clothing and all. If he wants to wear pink- wonderful. If he wants to wear leggings- great. If he wants to play with a Barbie doll one day & a monster truck the next- awesome. He will be free to make his own decisions with no gender specific restrictions. This is my opinion. I'd love to hear yours!

+ Below I will post a few photos on Jonah's updated legging collection & explain a bit about the different shapes of leggings that are available for purchase. I will also list where each pair of leggings were purchased. I hope you all find this post helpful or eye opening in some way. Thanks for visiting- xo

The "relaxed" style legging- When it comes to style of leggings these are (IMO) the most durable, long lasting + "boy friendly" of them all. Coming in many different colors + prints, these leggings are thicker than most & fit similar to your average sweatpant. 

+ Every legging pictured above can be purchased from Zara Baby
+ COST varies between $15-$18+ each pair (shipping not included)

The "gusset" style legging- wider at the crotch and straight in the leg (with extra wiggle room in the bottom area). I found this shape of legging to be the best fit for Jonah, as he has chunky legs and a plump baby booty. 

+ Every legging pictured above can be purchased from
or through Instagram via @shop_haute
+ COST varies between $12-$16+(shipping not included)

The "traditional" style legging- straight and narrow (tighter, slim fit). Even the chunkiest legged babies have been seen rocking this legging shape (mine included). A definite must have in your tot's wardrobe. 

+ Left legging pictured was purchased from a second hand Instagram shop- unknown
+ Middle legging pictured can be purchased from or through Instagram via @deeriehandmade 
+ Right legging pictured can be purchased from
+ COST varies from $12-$25+ (not including shipping) 

Pictured above is Jonah's "traditional" legging collection to date. I will try to do updates on any and all leggings he receives & share where they can be purchased from. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask them via email: @ 

+ I hope you all are having a beautiful week so far- now go splurge on a pair of leggings for your babe! 

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  1. Leggings are the best! I have to agree, they are so comfy and go with EVERYTHING! xo