Friday, July 11, 2014

Walk a day in my shoes

It goes without being said, that my life has changed forever. Since being diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic, my simple daily activities have transformed dramatically. I can no longer chomp down that delicious burger I was craving all day without paying the price almost immediately afterwards. Being a diabetic means planning, and lots of it. If you can get that down, you can handle anything diabetes throws your way! 

As I created this post, I couldn't help but laugh, then shake my head, then laugh some more. My "new life" is anything but the life I dreamt of having, but at the end of the day, it's the life I've been given, & thats a lot more than some people can say. Sometimes it's difficult to get across to others, just how crazy my daily routine truly is.. So I kept it simple this time. From the second I wake up, to the second I crawl back into bed at night// 

Walk a day in my shoes.. 

Wake up
Finger stick, 77
Insulin for breakfast 
Feed Jonah 
Get comfy on the couch
More coffee

Do my makeup
Do my hair (maybe) 
Get dressed (sometimes)
Listen for the reminder
Finger stick, 150

Attempt to work out (who am I kidding)
Finger stick, 170
Have a snack
Listen for the reminder 
Finger stick, 183

Time for lunch
Do I have to eat? 
Ok, I guess I'll eat
Those cookies look good
If it spikes I'll correct it, no biggie
Eat the cookies + hope for the best

Two hours later 
Time to check my sugar 
Finger stick, 265

Correction insulin 
Drink water & wait
I want another snack
Damn those cookies 
Drink more water & wait 

Play with Jonah 
Plan dinner 
Finger stick, 155
I'll take it 
Make dinner, eat dinner 
It's that time again
Finger stick, 120

Put Jonah to sleep 
Answer emails 
Relax & watch some TV
get ready for bed 
Put on my pajamas 
Finger stick, 145 
Crawl into bed
Sleep & repeat the next day 

CRAZY, right!? 
Welcome to my life. My new life. 

Thank you for taking the time to read & as always, thank you for visiting the RadAndRebellious// xx


  1. Love your blog and this post. Tan simple! <3

  2. You're amazing stay positive.