Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Real men wear pink" // @HELLO_MESS #hellomoccs

Today Jonah received a beautiful package from our very favorite moccasin company - @HELLO_MESS. The owner of #hellomoccs has been a very good friend of mine for some time now. To keep it short and sweet, she is quite possibly the most genuine woman + mother I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you, Instagram. 

As I began to open our package, I was completely unsure of the color/style moccasins I would find inside. 

Once open, I was pleasantly surprised to see this beautiful pink pair stacked neatly in front of me. 

I've never been one to keep my son away from "girly things". I feel as children grow & learn, parents should allow them to discover everything this world has to offer. To me, pink is just as much a boy color as it is a girl color. I will proudly put these on my son and take every dirty look I get in public, with a smile on my face. 

Aside from the beautiful color (baby doll), the quality is exceptional, as always. If you're a mocc-a-holic mama like I am, I recommend giving @hello_mess #hellomoccs a try. 

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  1. I put my son in a purple tank with some denim shorts and his toms and another mama stopped me and was like oh Jamie what are you doing?! I was like well purple is for boys too isn't it? And she just shook her head like I was crazy. Thanks for this post; I don't get why some moms make boy colors and girl colors when that's just not the case at all. Colors are colors.