Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In the eyes of a "mocca-holic"// a review on @LITTLELOOKERSHOP

As many of you know, I'm a mocca-holic in every sense of the word. I have ordered from/and or done reviews on most (if not all) moccasin companies on the market. I pay attention to detail and consider myself to be quite picky when it comes to putting anything on my son, moccasins especially. 

One of the concerns most mothers seem to have about moccasins, is whether or not they're "safe enough" to put on their children. Something I find to be completely understandable. Moccasins are made 100% with leather & leather alone, meaning they don't have a rubber sole as most traditional children shoes do. This in itself can be a tad bit alarming for the mamas with walkers on their hands. But, I will say without a doubt, I have never once had an issue with this concern, since my son's mocc days began over 1 year ago. He walks, he runs, he skips, he jumps & never have I heard him complain. 

I'm so lucky and grateful to have been given the opportunity to review a pair of moccasins from the amazing @LITTLELOOKERSHOP - without hesitance or much thought, I quickly selected her classic moccasins in "seafoam". I cannot stress enough how beautiful the color is ALONE, not to mention the incredible quality of the moccasin itself. Durable, comfortable + well crafted from heel to toe. 

The second I walked through the door, package in hand, Jonah rushed me with excitement. (he's no stranger when it comes to receiving goodies in the mail). He never knows what it is, but he always knows it's for him. I usually cut open the package & leave the rest to him. 

If only you could've seen the excitement on his face when he reached in + pulled out his brand new seafoam moccasins. 

So excited I couldn't get him to stand still long enough to dress him. Undie photoshoot it was! (No complaints here) gotta love baby tushes! 

It goes without saying, that Jonah and I are completely in love with @littlelookershop - if you think these are cute, you might just lose your mind when you see all the other crazy cool goods she has in her shop! 

Priced at $35 each// you just can't beat a mocc deal like this one! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review & give @LITTLELOOKERSHOP moccasins a try! And as always, thank you for visiting the Rad And Rebellious- xx

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