Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Momtography" - My top 3 Tips & Tricks

We all know how difficult it could be to take a decent photo of a turbulent tot. As a mother to one super rad (and rebellious) two-nager, I know this a little TOO well. Chasing my son around the house to snap just one post worthy photo a day, has quickly become the norm around here. Over the past year I've become, as many like to call it, a professional momtographer, a momarazzi. Funny terms, but oh so true. I've learned tips and tricks along the way that have made photo-snappin' just a tad bit easier for me. 

1. Know your child
- You may all be reading that, thinking to yourself, "psh, of course I know my child." And yes, I know it sounds silly. But what I mean by "know your child" is to read your child(ren's) mood(s). Let me put it this way.. Do you like getting cameras shoved in your face when you're having an off day? Didn't think so. When your babe isn't in the mood to be followed around by a camera, accept it & try again another day... unless you want your photos to turn out like this...

2. Lighting 
- The most important tip for taking great photos is lighting. I find that the best time to take outside photos is before the sun comes up, or when the sun is setting. Point being: find yourself a nice shaded area. 

 3. Candy, cookies, cars
- And lots of them. Kids will be kids.. and sometimes handing them a treat before whipping out the camera will put them in a better mood. The better their mood, the better the photos (refer to 1st tip). Jonah's favorite photo taking treats are lollipops, cookies + toy cars. Sucha' boy! 

Remember moms, don't turn momtography into something your child(ren) will despise. Have fun with it, laugh about it, be silly with it. Because at the end of the day, it's just a photo. 

Thanks for visiting the rad & rebellious. Have a wonderful rest of the week, XO.